Carpet Cleaning

The question when you have a dirty carpet is whether you should call a professional carpet cleaning service or go DIY…. do it yourself.

Delivering high quality carpet cleaning services for over 20 years.

While home cleaning methods are readily available, they are not as effective as most people would assume. Desert sand, dirt, dust and other debris settles deep into the carpet fibers and is hard to remove. Oro Valley Carpet Cleaners has powerful steam cleaning equipment, successful techniques and the experience to deliver quality and affordable service. When asked, people are really concerned about money, quality of service and value.

In comparison, professional carpet cleaning may cost a little more but our steam cleaning equipment is over 100 times more powerful than the do it yourself steam cleaning machine, to clean much more effectively. Oro Valley Carpet Cleaners have been in the business for over 20 years. Our price is affordable.

We make sure to deliver quality service for all our clients.

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