Pet Stains

Carpet odor caused by pets is usually an ongoing problem. This is primarily because of the odor’s persistence and the fact that it is hard to pinpoint an exact point of origin.

If you live with pet odors, the more you breathe it, the more you become accustomed to it and the less you notice it. However for your guests, since it is their first time experience, the odor is usually very strong. Spotcleaning does not tackle the odor. Even after constant spotcleaning, the stains are removed but the odor is still persistently present. Pets can easily still follow the scent and repeat in the same area as they have been doing to mark territory.

The problem is that pet stains end up in the padding where spot cleaning can’t reach and the odor is coming from the padding.

Marana-Oro Valley Carpet Cleaning offers you assured odor removal. We are equip to handle the padding odor task with 100 pound cleaning wands that can reach pet stains in the padding. Since pinpointing to target the odor can be ineffective, our odor removal process thoroughly treats the entire carpet with odor removal agents to remove the source of the problem.

The result is a clean, fresh and healthy carpet. We also provide useful insight and tips on how to manage future pet stains.

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