In-Plant Rug Washing

Rug washing can be done by a rug washing specialist or a carpet cleaning company but it is always advisable to hire a rug washing specialist because rug washing is different than carpet cleaning. We understand the difference between the two and are equip to clean your wool rugs for you correctly.

Paying attention to the differences of wool fiber & synthetic fiber is important because wool is much more sensitive to cleaning agents.
Carpet cleaning detergents can ruin wool rugs because wool dye requires a special detergent.
Carpet cleaning detergents attack wool dye causing colors to fade and dull.  In addition, the excessive heat from steam cleaning can shrink a wool rug.


Marana-Oro Valley Rug Washing understands the washing needs of wool rugs. We use washing techniques that are particular and best suited to different wool rugs to make wool dyes vibrant. At the end of our cleaning process, you have a clean, fresh and healthy rug.

The focus of our service is customer satisfaction. Customer service is as important to us as the rug washing and we work to deliver the very best.

We are very much aware that each client has different concerns especially when it is their first time dealing with a professional rug washing service and we are experienced in handling these concerns.

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